We did our schooling together. I have seen her struggles and obstacles that she faced in life. Coming from a humble background she struggled in life. But her grit and determination made her different. She became a gynaecologist overcoming all hurdles and obstacles. I personally was under her care for a health issue. What I observed during the days when I was admitted in the hospital was her scientific and spiritual way of counseling and healing patients. She goes beyond her role as gyneac. Irrespective of patients coming from varied economical segments she treats everyone at par. One of the decorative feather on her cap is her family support who add value to her being one of the best gynaecologist. Her husband is a welcome known sonologist. Among her siblings, one is a pediatrician, one lecturer in medical college.

Due to vast experience, knowledge, and support system, I found her hospital is one stop place for women's health care, child care, and marital counseling.

I am sure she will always make a value-added contribution to society.

My best wishes to her.

- Mrs. Johnson

Thank you so much Dr. Padmashree Balsarkar. I felt so good talking to you. I think every gynaecologist should be like you, who treats patients like her own.

- Nisha Patil

I am fortunate to be one of Dr. Padmshree Balsarkar's patients. 13 years ago in a tragedy, I lost my only son who was 18 years old then. Due to this tragedy everything was finished. However, it is said that every cloud has silver lining. In those sad days, I came to meet Dr. Balsarkar through my close relative. I can't forget that first consultation with Dr. Balsarkar in her Thane " SAI KRISHA " hospital She showed great compassion and empathy. She is not only a doctor but also a spiritual personality. Under her great knowledge in gynecology and proper treatment in her Thane clinic "SAI KRISHA HOSPITAL", I was conceived within a period of 2 months and gave birth to my son on 29th Oct 2008 who is now 12 years old. It was the happiest moment in my life. All this was possible due to knowledge, proper guidance and proper treatment from Dr. Balsarkar. She is truly an exceptional doctor and I can't praise her enough. Now she is my doctor as well as best friend also. I am very thankful to her. So the words those come to my mind to describe Dr. Balsarkar are ---- Genuine kindness, trustworthy, passionate, spiritual, knowledgeable and best friend.

Dr. Padmshree Balsarkar, Thank you very much.

- Nilima M. Kharabe

This is Divya Madhwani and I want to share my delivery experience which I had with Sai Krisha Maternity Hospital.

In the situation of Covid at the time of my delivery me and my husband were alone in Mumbai and no one was able to reach to us from our families.

All days n nights we were thinking of how are we going to manage alone but thanks to Dr. Padmashree and sister Leena as they were so supportive to us at the time of my delivery that we didn't missed our family members that time. Also they cared us so well and they treated us as their family members so we were able to manage such a tough situation in a very good manner.

We are very thankful to the Doctor and the staff bcoz of them I had experienced a friendly atmosphere and had a very good care so I recovered very fast.

We loved the way she treated us so I always recommend for getting treated by her and delivered in her hospital only.

- Divya Madhwani

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